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Mango Pickle

Mango Pickle – మామిడి ఆవకాయ

Avakaya … listening to this word itself brings in lot of cherishing and relishing memories to any Telugu citizen. We select the best of mangoes from organically cultivated mango orchards across Andhra and blend them in authentic spices.

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Drum Stick Pickle

Drum Stick Pickle – (మునగ ఆవకాయ)

Drumstick strengthens the bones and also is an ideal source for iron. 21 Pickles is a master in preparing seasonal and instant pickles. Our well trained Mom chefs ensure no ingredient is missed out or misplaced.

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Prawn Pickle

Prawns Pickle – (రొయ్యల ఆవకాయ)
21Pickles Authentic Prawns Pickle, If they have tasted it once, No one can forget the taste of our Home Made recipe. 21 Pickles selectively picks the best of Prawns from the chosen few aquaculturists across Godavari Districts. Combined with pure oils, Karnataka red chilli powder and home made garam masala, no doubt our Prawns Pickle will be on repeat mode on your dining table.

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Chicken Boneless Pickle

Chicken Boneless Pickle -(కోడి ఆవకాయ – బోన్లెస్)
21 pickles always chooses fresh chicken and use only personally grounded oils. This is what makes us who we are. Our USP is using authentic coriander powder, jeera powder, garam masala powder and karnataka red chilli powder.


Saggubiyyam Vadiyalu

Saggubiyyam Vadiyalu -(సగ్గుబియ్యం వడియాలు)

Vadiyalu is the best combination with Rasam and Sambar rice, Enjoy its spice and crunch with every bite.

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Regi Vadiyalu

Regi  Vadiyalu – (రేగి పండు వడియాలు)

A Traditional Nutritional Snack that has disappeared from our Food Basket is Regi Vadiyelu..!!

21Pickles is here to serve your Nostalgic RegiVadiyalu, Which has numerous Health Benefits like Relives Constipation,factory of Vitamin-C,Blood Pressure, Bone Strength,Weight loss and The best for Pregnant Women..

My Grandparents  Memories are still Fresh and Rich with the Flavors of Childhood, Relishing this Tangy Regi Vadiyalu and not even let go the seed inside the berry chewing it on, to the extent that the innermost seed touch your Taste Buds… Order Now Homemade Regivadiyalu from 21Pickles to Hit Your Nostalgia Back..

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Mirchi Powder

Handgrinded Chilli Powder-(రోకలి తో దంచిన కారం) We at 21Pickles hand pick the best quality of Redchillies from our own Farm and few source from Karnataka and Andhrapradesh. We Remove the Chilli Stems and Clean thoroughly and then dry them. We Handgrind them with utmost care.  Its Traditional and Authentic way of preparation keeps its true Flavours & Taste.


Moringa Karam Podi

Moringa Karam Podi (Drumstick Leaf Podi – (మునగ అకు కారమ్ పొడి) – A Organic natural product from 21Pickles. The moringa leaves have inherent health benefits. Regulates blood sugar levels, Helps improve digestive health, Great for developing stronger bones, Helps purifying blood, Relieves respiratory disorders, Regulates blood sugar levels,  We All Know How Important and How Healthy is Moringa Powder/Drumstick leaves Powder, While Few People Neglect to have it because of its Bitter Taste, But No Worries Because 21Pickles Has Made It Tastier And Healthier By Blending It with Authentic Indian Spices into Moringa Karam Podi So That its loved by Everyone..! The Moringa Karam Podi tastes delicious with Rice / Roti / Idly / Dosa and traditional breakfast items.

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Ash Gourd Vadiyalu

Ash Gourd Vadiyalu – (బూడిదగుమ్మడి వడియాలు)

Ash Gourd has a inherent health befits. Traditional way of Preparation. Every crunch will have Natural Authenticity.This Vadiyalu can be served as snack and Its a best combination with Dal , Rasam and Sambar rice, Enjoy its spice and crunch in every bite.