About Us

Food is the ingredient that binds everyone together. No gathering is complete without tasting a bite or morsel of food. When it comes to India this innate urge to taste the best is even more. Telugu people have raised the bar even higher when it comes to tasting various cuisines.

21 Pickles understands this very intimate need of our Telugu people. Hence gathered every bit of authenticity that our Pickles hold. There is a secret why our pickles taste the best and bring on our customers good old days along with refreshing memories.

Want to know our secret: All our Pickles are Made by Mothers.

Mothers who understand the significance of quality ingredients and who have mastered the art making pickles not only that taste yummy but stay for long duration of time.   

Whether they live in America or Australia,  whether they are in the top management or aiming to be an entrepreneur, their thirst to taste the native food that originates from their land is deep rooted.

So want to start your journey to go back to your own childhood and want to tickle your taste buds?

Welcome to 21Pickles

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To Tickle Your Taste Buds…Please call us 70139 17007 or Order Online